ANSES: retirees’ attorneys must register their fingerprint before June 30

The proxies of retirees and pensioners must register their fingerprint before June 30, according to Resolution 269 of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette.

The fingerprint is added to the pre-existing control measures, since “it does not prevent the paying entities from carrying out the additional controls that they deem convenient in order to make the payments of the benefits and / or accredit the life-style of the holder of the same, of which they continue being exclusively responsible “, clarifies the norm.

In this way, the objective is to promote greater controls in the payment of the beneficiaries and reduce the chances that undue payments are made.

The resolution establishes that “in order to be able to play the role of proxies to receive SIPA pensions and pensions and non-contributory pensions, people must enroll by capturing their fingerprints and register them in the MI HUELLA program.”

For those who are already authorized to retirees and pensioners must register their footprint “inexorably before June 30, 2019”.

The measure also provides that those who do not register the imprint in the condition of attorneys in the established times will be “subject to the suspension of power.”

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